Shasta Livestock | Ellington Peek’s Book
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All proceeds from sales of this book go to

The Andy Peek Livestock Scholarship Fund

Ellington Peek’s book is finally available for sale. 
It’s his autobiographical journey through the Western cattle business
over the last 60 years…
and now you can order your copy through the mail.

Please send TWO checks:
1) $50.00 made out to the Andy Peek Scholarship Fund

2) $7.50 made out to Shasta Livestock
 (for shipping and handling)

Send the TWO CHECKS along with YOUR RETURN ADDRESS to:
Shasta Livestock
PO Box 558
Cottonwood, California 96022

(Sorry….no credit card sales or cash through the mail)

For more information, please call: (530) 347-3793
or email: