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If you have breeding stock to consign, please let us know in advance. 
If you can drop them off earlier in the week, it would also be appreciated.

January 24
Red Bluff Bull Sale Week
Breeding Stock Special

John Giorgi - Paulina, OR
2 loads of pairs

Saber Ridge - Paulina, OR
2 loads of running age bred cows

A.N. Hunt and Sons - Arcata, CA
1 to 2 loads Bred Cows

Edmund Dunn - Modoc County
60 Open Replacement Heifers

Nevada Gold Mines
TS Ranch Division - Battle Mountain, NV
500 bred heifers
Load lots selling at two sales:

Thursday, Jan. 23 - Western Video Market and Red Bluff Female Sale
11:00 am Tehama District Fairgrounds
Bid Line: (530) 528-8001
To register to bid or to view the catalog, go to www.wvmcattle.com

Friday, Jan. 24 - Shasta Livestock Auction Yard
Cottonwood, CA
English/English X; Few Continental X and Exotic X
Heifers out of TS Ranch replacements
Bred to Lasater Beefmaster bulls low birthweight bulls
from June 10 to July 22
Start calving March 15 for 45 days
40% blacks, 40% reds, 20% crossbreds
All heifers preg tested Jan. 20 -21 by Cottonwood Vet Clinic
Will deliver from Cottonwood

These heifers can go anywhere!
Contact Brad Peek for more information (916) 802-7335

Call (530) 347-3793 for more info

Shasta Livestock is an approved Non Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC) marketing location!
To qualify, consigned cattle must come from an approved
location and have program compliant EID tags in place.

For more information, please contact Shasta Livestock.





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